some reasons I think the way I do

Are you in chronic pain or dealing with constant fatigue?

Are you tired of conventional medicine letting you down?

Or maybe your doctor just isn’t even hearing your concerns at all?

I get it, I’ve been there, and what I’ve learned through my journey has been eye opening! I want to share what I’ve learned along the way with as many women as I can, so if you’re looking to get some answers and start feeling AWESOME in your body, hit me up and we can chat to get you on your way there!

My journey through sickness into health has been a long one, but I’ve been very fortunate and can say I feel like I’ve mostly come out the other side. This will always be somewhat of a work in progress…

I grew up in a “holistic” home. We used homeopathy, herbs, and food to heal and stay healthy. When I was 10, I had an acute autoimmune kidney event that put me in and out of the hospital for 3 months and for the rest of my childhood I identified as a “sick kid.” At the time they told me that no matter what we did now, I would need a kidney transplant by the time I was 20 years old.

While needing to use conventional medical methods was likely humbling for my parents, it was certainly life-saving.  It was not however, life-affirming, or health-promoting.


My kidneys were failing and honestly, the medications I was on were making me feel sicker. I was placed on more and more medications to solve problems caused by the other medications. Steroids for my kidneys, blood pressure meds for the steroids, pain meds for the headaches caused by the blood-pressure meds, etc… I was a pro at taking a handful of pills (like 5-10 at a time) by the time I was 11 years old.

During this time though my mother brought in all sorts of second, third, and fourth opinions from MDs around the country, as well as alternative healers to help my kidneys heal. I drank loads of herbal teas, had lymphatic massages, energy work, movement therapy, art therapy, meditation practice etc to get my energies and body aligned so it could heal itself.  At the time I was a snotty tween-ager and thought it was all a bunch of hooey, but went through the motions, and who doesn’t like a good massage?

Through middle school and high school I continued taking the prescribed pharmaceuticals — though poorly — as remembering to take them daily and some every other day was difficult. I mostly felt fine (especially when I forgot to take them for awhile) and so cruised along. When I turned 18, I switched from the pediatric kidney docs to the adult practice and told them I would give them as much urine and blood as they’d like, but was going off of ALL the meds, since I wasn’t great at taking them anyway, and my labs were looking good. At first I did regular lab work and was told all my levels look great “for a kidney patient”.

When I moved away at 22, I switched doctors and they had me run blood work before my first intake appointment. While looking over all the values, the doc said “these all look great! well done taking care of yourself”. This was BEFORE I told him I was a kidney patient, and the first time someone said your labs look good for a normal person — not a sick person. This was an amazing feeling!

I have had my levels checked countless times since then, during my pregnancies my blood and urine were watched closely, and everything has remained normal. I don’t have chronic headaches anymore, my blood pressure is stable, although I do have a pretty good case of white coat syndrome (more on that story later) and use meditation techniques to calm myself while getting my blood pressure taken in doctors’ offices.

I attribute this general sense of wellness in great part to the many modalities that helped me heal in the acute stage of my renal disease. I don’t identify as a sick person anymore, though I do stay on top of supplying my body with all it needs to continue to stay healthy and heal as needed.

Through all this time I have learned so much about how my body works and how amazing it can heal itself when given space, time, and energy to do so. If you’re hoping to feel the best in your body, give me a call and we can chat about what will get you to AWESOME!

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