2-Month Cohorts for early 2023

The next group to go through the program will start on May 2nd! There will be two months of education, group support, and one on one support as well. All meetings will be held virtually. We will be focusing on two very important health topics, especially for this time of year.

In May, our focus will be on Mindfulness and Embodiment approaches. And in June we’ll move into The pillars of health.

The group will meet three times per month for one and a half hours – these virtual meetings will be held Tuesdays from 12:30-2 and will be recorded –  and then you will receive an hour of one-on-one coaching from either Katy or Alexis to work on whatever you’d like for the last week of each month.

The cost to enroll in this 8-week program is $500. Since we are growing the community and realize that the focus is literally community and support, for the next month, until April 2nd, we’re offering a “bring a buddy” discount of $250 off the 2 of you. So if you enroll with a friend, your entire cost for the 8 weeks of support is $750 total (or $375 each). We’d absolutely love to have you in the program and continue to grow this amazing community of women.

Schedule For the Year:

Jan – Seasonal Defense 

Feb – Boundary Setting

March – Heart Health for Women

April – Happy hormones

May – Mindfulness and Embodiment – Intro to Somatics

June – Pillars of Health

July – Finding Physical Fun

Aug – Organizational Skills

Sept – Tending to your Nervous System

Oct – Cycle Sense/Moon Syncing

Nov – Burn-out Prevention

Dec – Nutrition for Nerds