Katy and Alexis share many interests and past experiences, from education in health related fields, to finding wholistic care from alternative providers outside of the mainstream medical model. They are both parents to small children (though they keep getting bigger! *sob*) and have connected on sharing similar hopes around the parenthood journey. 

They both also trust in a wise design for all of nature and how we fit into the broader picture of life – both spiritually and physically. That we are not stand-alone organisms – rather a small part of the whole, as humans we both contribute to the health of the natural world, AND benefit from the gifts it gives. These beliefs play a large role in how this program is structured to best support each of you on your individual journey – as a part of a whole. 

Both Alexis and Katy have also struggled with health concerns and have been disregarded or met with a stubborn lack of curiosity by care providers. This has led each on their own journey to educate themselves – not only for their own benefit, but in order to care for family and friends who so often meet the same wall in their medical appointments. 

All these similarities, and yet they actually joined forces because they have such a vast array of different knowledge!

Alexis with her background in body movement and focus on deep nourishment, loves working with high achieving women through burnout, perimenopause and beyond, supporting hormone balance throughout the fertile years. She also has a lot of experience with working with girls in the early years of fertility. Katy’s expertise lies in the childbearing years – from pre-conception through those intense postpartum years, she supports women to heal their bodies through autoimmunity, digestion issues, and fatigue, and to find balance and ease. 

With these areas of knowledge – backed by excellent coaching education – Katy and Alexis are poised to offer women coming from all walks of life, and with an array of concerns, support throughout their health journey.

Katy Gladwin – Certified Women’s Holistic Health Coach, Birth Doula, & Educator

Katy Gladwin, BS, CHC, WHC Has been serving families as a doula a childbirth educator for over a decade in the Ann Arbor Area. After with a BS in Human Biology/Premed, she found her calling as an advocate for birthing families as a doula. 

As a perpetual student, Katy is dedicated to discovering and sharing new and traditional information to support her friends, family, and clients. After seeing so many gaps in care for pregnant and postpartum women, she completed a rigorous and comprehensive training as a certified women’s health coach – with the goal of supporting women where they are in having happy healthy pregnancies, and vibrant and resilient postpartum transitions. 

Katy also teaches the Resilient Postpartum Preparation Course – In this interactive and intuitive group workshop we will be delving into what are the top 4 factors to having a healthy and happy postpartum, as well as returning to feeling like yourself by taking your unique next best steps.

Katy currently lives in the woods with her partner, her 9 year-old son and 3 year-old daughter, along with a cat and a dog.  In her free time, when she’s not studying, you can find her playing with her kids by the creek, or hiding out, knitting, and netflixing by herself.

Alexis Adams – Certified Integrative Women’s Health Coach, Exercise Physiologist and Certified Plant Based Nutritionist

Root cause healing is what has driven Alexis Adams, MS, WHC towards opening a space for women to be truly supported and cared for in this current climate.  Originally a pre-law student, Alexis changed focus and pivoted towards a Master’s in Exercise Physiology in order to truly understand the biology behind movement and the body.  Also accredited with a certification as a plant based nutritionist, she has propelled her focus into a whole-body approach in order to serve women from menses through menopause; supporting fluctuations along the way.  

Becoming a certified health coach was a natural progression and allowed Alexis to begin understanding that truly feeling held comes with lifestyle management and mindset work incorporated into new healthy habits.  

After an early adulthood of challenging health issues herself, Alexis has poured into research and experience in order to understand the challenges that she herself has faced.  It is with this knowledge that she strives to serve a community of women who are searching for answers as well.  Her primary focus is to support women as they navigate through challenges such as gut health issues, hormonal fluctuations, sleep disorders, and burnout.  

When not researching or assisting coaching clients, Alexis cannot get enough of the outdoors.  She enjoys hiking, biking, swimming, and gardening with her partner and three children.  Alexis grew up in Northern Michigan playing in the woods with her four brothers and now also enjoys spending time with her large family.