The Details!

The theory behind the plan!

When embarking on a course creation that would empower our clients to become supported, educated, and make impactful change, while listening to their own inner wisdom, we struggled to find a model that honored all of our skills to provide the best results while also allowing our group-members space to choose their own path. So we created our own model!

With this model, you will have enough time to receive personalized, specific information and support to make real change while also building community with other women. Community is a primary pillar of women’s health and we want to create that space for all of our clients. 

This program will be limited in size to allow for everyone to get the time and space they need during each meeting. So, if you want in, reach out ASAP!

Time Investment

We understand that life is busy, so we want there to ensure as much face to face time as you WANT, but not so much that it adds to the overwhelm. So, we are offering 3x/month group calls via zoom, these will be 60-90 minutes long (depending on the number of women in the group). This will allow time for everyone to bring up concerns or ask questions of Facilitators and the group at large. 

In addition to the group meeting you will also be offered a 1 on 1 call via zoom with either Katy or Alexis each month you are enrolled in the program. This time will be used to integrate all you have learned throughout the group calls and figure out how to best apply this to your own life. These 1-1 calls can also be used to discuss other health concerns that we might be able to support you through. 

That equals 4-6 hours per month of time within the group.  Notably, in order to get the most from this program, there will also be optional homework, which is highly encouraged, in order to make the most lasting, and meaningful shifts you can. 


Enrollment begins now!!! Grab your seat early! The group circle starts Tuesday, January 10 and will be held every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 2pm EST. All classes will be held online. *We are very respectful of everyone’s time and will do our best to accommodate those who cannot attend the entire 60-90 minute session.

Whats Included

  • Three times per month group meetings for 6 or 12 months – covering a range of topics
  • One 1 on 1 meeting with your coach per month
  • Private FB group to stay connected to your group and coaches between meetings, to celebrate successes and be held accountable
  • Workbook and Journal Prompts for all topics
  • Discounted 1 on 1 sessions with your coach if you need more support

Discovery Topics

We will cover 1 broad topic per month – broken down into easy to assimilate lessons. Each lesson will have corresponding worksheet/journal exercises for you to complete. 

Topics we will cover – in no particular order:

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Finding and setting boundaries
  • Hormone health
  • Nutrition (huge topic! Sub topics include : inflammation, depletion, digestion, supplementation, joy in food… etc)
  • Organization/Time management
  • Movement
  • Autoimmunity/Long Haul
  • Toxins in daily life
  • Grounding/meditation/journaling
  • ”Selfcare”
  • Self-advocacy
  • Fertility as a Vital Sign / Sexual Health